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Begin Today

“Don’t let your kids be your excuse.” ⁣

Recently, I was listening to an old Amy Porterfield podcast when one of her guests gave the following advice: “Don’t let your kids be your excuse.” Wow. So. True. At each stage in our kids’ lives, it’s so easy to say:⁣

👶I have a new baby. Not this year.⁣

👨‍👩‍👦 This toddler is taking over the house. Not this year.⁣

👩‍👧‍👦Now we have two kiddos. I’m losing it! Barely surviving. Definitely not this year.⁣

🤔Now, we are thinking about adopting. Tons of paperwork! Not this year.⁣

It keeps going forever. Wait until they are in school, until after we move, until the holidays are over, after vacation, after middle school, high school, college, the wedding!!!⁣

There is never a good time to launch a business, write a book, create a blog, start a podcast. And now, with Covid throwing a curveball, it’s even worse. The excuses are always there. ⁣

But I am also inspired when I hear one of my favorite writers say, “I wrote almost all of my books in carline,” or I hear a mom of six say she’s published her third book. It just reminds me that it’s possible. ⁣

The kids are in the middle of it all, and maybe that’s a good thing! They can see Mama working, setting goals, pushing through, and having fun through it all.⁣

What have you been proud to do even while the kids are running around your desk?⁣

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