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Project Description

Elo Pillow is an exciting new product designed to help toddlers and preschool age children fall asleep comfortably. The pillow plays bedtime stories that are soothing and interesting to young ones. However, if the child lifts their head off the pillow, it gently reminds them, “Lay your head down to hear the rest of the story.”

The developers of Elo wanted a complete story library for parents. Emily Osburne wrote sixteen of the Elo stories keeping in mind the client needs of a story that would be intriguing enough to hold a child’s interest while relaxing enough to prepare them for sleep.

Emily wrote four series of children’s stories for Elo, including one series about a hot rod car, another series about Easton the Eastbound Train, Shuler the Sailboat, and many more.

In addition to writing the stories, Emily and her team worked with the Elo team to create posters and mailings, write blogposts, deliver social media, and test the stories on a cute little focus group of sleepy children (including Emily’s 2 and 4 year-old sons).

Creative writing is part of every project at EO&CO but this project got the whole family involved!

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