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Project Description

Project: Write and Publish

Dave Pridemore is the Founder of Camp Grace, a ministry designed to change the lives of urban youth through overnight camp. The goal of Dave’s book was to tell the amazing stories of what God has done through Camp Grace while teaching others who have a vision how to step into the REAL Vision God has for their lives.

A Book in a Year

The Goal

Dave Pridemore has seen and been a part of miracle after miracle. He has also worked with people of all ages to help them realize the vision they have for their life. So, he had the book inside him. It was our job to get it onto paper.

Since we knew that the annual banquet was scheduled for November of 2017, we wasted no time. It was December of 2016 and we set a goal to give out 1,000 books to friends of Camp Grace at the banquet.

Dave wanted to share the God-stories of Camp Grace in conjunction with the joy of entering a God-vision with his supporters.

Planning and Writing 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Editing 98%
Printing 93%

Planning & Writing

Dave and Emily met for one hour per week for approximately twenty weeks. Most of these meetings were over the phone, and during this time, Dave simply shared stories, verses, ideas, concepts, and more. After every conversation, Emily wrote. She sent Dave a copy of the updated manuscript each week.

Drafts & Revisions

Once the manuscript was nearing an end, Emma Helling and Heather Dauphiny began work on the graphic design. As they were designing, Carey Phillips was editing. The book went through three different cover ideas and four variations in the eleven month process.

Final Delivery

On October 24th, we ordered 1,000 books to be given out at the Camp Grace Banquet on November 5, 2017.

Buy or Download

REAL Vision by Dave Pridemore with Emily Osburne is now available at lulu.com. You can purchase a hard copy or download an e-book. This book is for anyone who hopes to step into the vision God has for his or her life. As Dave says, “You cannot imagine the joy awaiting you on the other side of answering God’s call.”