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When is the Right Time to Write a Book?

It’s never a GOOD time, right? There is always something more urgent than carving out time to write your book, but let me assure you – if you have that itch, there is nothing more important for your business, ministry, or nonprofit than writing your book.

I have seen little books launch big careers.

I have seen books pave the way to big opportunities.

And I have seen authors emerge even during the busiest times of the year.

For anyone who is thinking about writing a book, don’t toss out the idea because your schedule is packed or your children have too many activities or you are starting a new project at work. All you need is one hour per week. If you can schedule one hour per week, you can write your book in less than one year.

Many years ago, I was inspired by one of Oprah Winfree’s fitness guests who encouraged the audience saying, “You always have 15 per day to exercise. There is no excuse to go through a day without moving your body.” That advice has absolutely opened doors for me and changed my life ever since I heard it. I always tell myself, “Emily, you have 15 minutes today. There is no excuse.”

That advice was life-changing because I could visualize how exercise could easily fit into my schedule, no matter what was happening. I could always spare 15 minutes in a day to exercise.

Often, when I first start working with a client who needs me to write their book, they start by saying, “Okay, how does this work?”

When I tell them, “We are going to schedule one hour per week when you will talk to me, and then I will write for 1-2 hours based on what you have told me,” they often seem surprised.

It’s like they are saying, “Is that it?”


That is the secret.

Of course, there are an infinite number of writing schedules to follow to write a book, but the point is… any schedule will do. I like the 1-3 hour per week schedule because it’s manageable. It’s like the 15 minutes of exercise. It’s totally doable. Absolutely ANYONE can write a book.

Do not put it off because you are busy. I promise… you can do this.

You know it’s a great time to write a book if:

1.) You want to set yourself apart.

A book, written by YOU, sets you apart as a thought leader. You become a broker of knowledge and information as an author. Of course, you can be a knowledge broker by writing a blog as well. Just write! You will never regret it. As an author, you crystalize your point of view and put yourself out there.

2.) You are ready to change the trajectory of your life.

If you are changing careers or moving into a new industry, a book can show that you are not the novice you appear to be. If you have been in your area for a while, a book can show that you are nothing like these newbies! It can move you into a new category.

3.) You are ready to pour fuel on your business.

Writing a book is like adding fuel to any fire your have started in your business. It adds credibility, opens doors, and gives you immediate talking points in any conversation. If you have started something great in your business and you are on a roll, give it a boost with a little book!

4.) You have something important to say.

Everyone has something to say. Everyone has lived and learned. You may have come to a point in your life when you just have something important to say and it’s got to get out. If you often find yourself giving the same advice or helping people with the same type of knowledge, put that wisdom on paper and it can help more than just one person at a time.

5.) You want to have an impact on more people.

Take your one-on-one advice and make it one-to-many. When you take the time to write your book, you have also taken the time to create content for every other medium – your podcast, blog, social media, and video outlets. All of your content is now outlined and ready for consumption.

6.) You are ready to expand your network or your reach.

Writing a book is like building a door handle. It opens doors that you never knew were possible. You can speak to and speak in front of groups that were closed to you before you were an author. It expands your network, even as you interview people for your book. The best thing about writing a book, in my opinion, is the way it grows your community and your personal group of friends. Not to mention, it’s just downright fun!

7.) You want to experience a new level of understanding about your own life.

There is something cathartic and special about writing a book. I have heard it said that every book is an autobiography. Whether you are writing about a deeply personal story or a cookbook for clean living, it’s really about YOU. The journey is as incredible as the outcome. It’s worth doing… for those who read and for those who write it.

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