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Rene Descartes famously wrote, “I think, therefore I am.” But in marketing, we write, “I have a homepage, therefore, I am.” Your website is one of the first interactions many customers will have with your business. They will spend approximately seven seconds on your site and determine whether you are credible, likable, and believable.

That is where we come in! We translate your offerings into words and images that connect quickly in our fast-paced, mobile-friendly world.

Our web design team consists of writers, designers, and developers to give you a online presence with a look and feel you can be proud of. We work to maximize SEO as we build. We work to get you clicks as we design.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. This is where people live! Our services take you into the homes of your clients through their trusted social networks. We work with your entire company to develop a consistent online voice. Your social media posts, ads, and comments should encourage customers, clients, donors, friends, associates, and potential friends to get to know you better. EO&CO helps you develop a plan to reach and stay in front of those who are interested in you (along with those who should be interested in you).

Let us develop your social media presence to take your company into the hearts of your potential customers.

In addition to your content calendar for regular posts, EO&CO manages your ads and targeted offerings.

You know you need them. Business cards. Brochures. Signs. EO&CO works with you to make sure all branding is consistent. From your website to your printed materials, your story must shine through. When we create your brand rules and your brand notebook, we ensure that printed materials look top notch.

Wouldn’t you like to feel good about handing your business card to a potential client?

When you are certain about your brand story, you can have confidence to create printed materials that share that story well. Each word, picture, and font is chosen with your goals in mind, so the final product communicates clearly, above the noise.

What project do you need to finish? What is preventing you from getting it done? We find that writing can slow down even the most well-intended projects. If you have been working on your book, but cannot seem to organize your ideas, we can work with you to write, publish, and print your book. If you are trying to finish a website, but you need copy, we can help!

Every industry needs specific types of writing to get a job done. Let us be your literary catalysts!

Ghostwriting is one of our specialties. We have worked with clients in the medical, law, distribution, non-profit, and educational realms. We work teams and individuals. We listen. We take your words and get them on paper, digital and hard copy, so your project can come to life.

Your Brand Story is Important. Clarity is Power.

Clear and Confident Web Design. Share Your Message Online.

Build a website that clearly and quickly shares your what you can do for your clients. Make every word count.

Social Media Strategies That Work.

Connect with the right people, providing the best message, at the lowest cost per click.

Ghostwriting to Support Your Goals.

Stop tinkering and start finishing. Finish your book. Launch your website. Get those brochures made today.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!